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For everything a patient needs, there's an app now. eHealthPoint is the place for booking appointments, getting in touch with your doctor or emergency services, reviewing your clinical documents and other medical needs.

eHealthPoint serves as a connection point between patients and their doctors, leaving control over the health care in patients' own hands.

  • Booking the appointments
  • Getting the examination results
  • Keeping the vaccination diary
  • Paying the bills
  • Getting emergency help
  • Reading articles by medical professionals

In just 6 years, eHealthPoint grew to be the biggest app for patients in Latvia, accounting for more than 130k registered users, who make around 25k booking appointments in more than 40 healthcare institutions every week!

eHealthPoint's mobile version helps you call for Emergency Services, suggesting the appropriate emergency number depending on your current location.

The app will even send your profile information and your precise location data to aid faster reaction from the Emergency Service (only in Latvia for now).

All that makes it especially helpful when traveling abroad or hiking in the wilderness.

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