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Powerful and flexible Vue.js 3 components and vanilla CSS styles library, originally developed for ZZ Dats projects and products.

It's currently used by 19 different products.

  • Over 30 input and data display components;
  • Various shell, layout and form building components;
  • SVG icons library (including multiple styles and brand logos);
  • Hooks and utils;
  • UX guidelines;
  • Responsive layouts;
  • Theming:
    • Light theme;
    • Dark theme;
    • High contrast theme;
    • ZZ dats product branding themes;
  • Accessibility features (WCAG, semantic web and APG);
  • Based on Carbon Design System;
  • Updating HTML or CSS is not a requirement (but still an option) - components are declarative in nature and fit together like puzzle pieces;

My roles in the project

Product owner

Release date (v1.0)

Nov 1, 2023

First beta release date

Jul 11, 2022